Made in Chicago

LIONAL. is a full design agency that is spearheaded by one of the most brilliant minds in event design. Lional Rivero has over 14 years of experience in designing and building some of the top events in Chicago for the most elite institutions and clientele in the city. By incorporating this experience, along with a keen eye for design, attention to detail and a team of experts in every trade, LIONAL can bring any design, big or small, to life. 

From custom designed pieces to full office conception and build out, LIONAL takes a unique approach to all projects. We work with material that seamlessly flows together and helps heighten the senses. Our aim is to make items appealing to multiple senses - materials are both visually and tangibley appealing. Designs utilize one-of-a-kind objects in surprising and unexpected ways. 

When you hire LIONAL, you get one of the most talented teams in the design industry, using traditional handcraft talents alongside cutting edge machines. Our team ranges from master carpenters to talented metal craftsmen and precise graphic designers to broad stroke artists, working in harmony with a team of dozens of designers and tradesmen, allowing each product to take on a life of its own.

We can work as any part of your team; if you’re a designer in need of a custom fabrication or printed material, or a client looking to start from the ground up, no job is too big or too small for us. Come visit our 70,000 square foot fabrication studio and see why LIONAL is the best solution for all your projects.